Friday, April 13, 2007

I had the tornado dream again

But this time, it was a little different. Usually it comes in times of stress, and usually I am driving or standing in a place where I can see them. There are many many many tornadoes, but I never feel at risk. In fact, I never feel a breeze or even rain. It is like I am an observer but the phenomenon is in place very close to me.

This time, I was on an airplane, about to depart. We were heading to El Paso, from whence we would travel to a family reunion spot. I was with my 2 youngest children - Tom and Andrew were on another flight.

The flight had many many problems, but I remember this feeling of absolute peace when we rose above the clouds and the entire storm was beneath us. We had risen above the blackest clouds I had ever seen. During the flight, the sky above us was pristine blue, and the sky below us was black but not foreboding. There was no turbulence in the wall of clouds, nor was there any thunder or lightning. It was just a feeling of rising above that was peaceful and calming.

I don't know what to think about this. Usually, tornadoes in my dreams represent ongoing stress that has no forseeable outlet. So I have to wonder about my stresses and what is going on in my life:

Tom is approaching his last finals, then he graduates law school. I will (hopefully!) no longer be the only wage-earner for a family of 5.

Andrew is in his teenage years. He wants a job and will be driving sooner than I'm ready ;) But he is responsible and mature. He has occasional teen angst and outbursts that resolve quickly. I am really not very concerned about him.

Chris is doing better in school, but still has his moments, and I have no concerns about Chloe.

I am attempting to give notice on my job (which I love) so I can leave for an incredible opportunity. More about that after I actually get in contact with my boss ;)

I am progressing OK in school, but I have some big concerns.

So I don't know how to process this dream. I am assuming that it represents the stresses that I am leaving. I love my current job, but it is emotionally and physically stressful. My money and relationship issues should be easing (hopefully the relationship won't get worse as I spend more time with Tom!)

It also concerns me that the dream included my 2 youngest. In the dream I was aware that Tom and Andrew were already at their destination and were safe. Does this imply some sort of unconscious fear for my youngest? And myself? Only one time can I remember anyone else being in the dream with me, and that was Tom during a turbulent time in our relationship. We were watching the tornadoes together. So I'm hoping this isn't representing some sort of brewing crisis that will happen with the little ones.

I feel a little odd blogging about something this personal and unusual, but I've always found a little bit of answers in dreams, especially those which repeat. For some reason, I never remember having any of the stereotypical dreams like showing up for class unprepared for a test, or realizing I'm naked in public. I don't know why, but for some reason my dreams seem to be very obscure?

Oh well, I guess it's yet another reason that I'm "different"


Friday, April 06, 2007

Global warming, birthdays, and other news from the wild side

First off, the good news. Andrew is 14 today! Gee I feel OLD! My folks are coming in from Bama-land today, so I have mucho cleaning to do (you're never done enough cleaning if your dad is a former marine!!!)

Bad news -
This story is rather scary! I guess I'm glad we left Texas :) We had a drought in the late 90s, where the summer temperatures were really high (not fun being pregnant in June 1998!) and every summer our yards would dry out, turn brown, and the ground would crack. We would come up to Missouri every August for a family reunion and I would be amazed at the green grass, moderate temperatures in morning and evening, and the soft ground. The picture below is of White Rock Lake, one of the most beautiful areas of Dallas, taken during the 1950s drought. The lake was totally dry :(

Our lawn could have looked a lot better if a) we had worked within the watering restrictions and woken up early to hand water with the hose, b) we had ignored the water restrictions and risked getting turned in by the local neighborhood vigilantes, or c) if we'd actually given a crap. We would give the foundation a light sprinkle now and then to prevent permanent damage.

It always amazed me how water-hungry the Dallas area was. So many people had to have lush green lawns. There was a small movement towards xeriscaping, but it was mostly disregarded. After all, the golf course look was ideal. Every summer the area would have burst water pipes due to the increased usage.

So this whole global warming thing (which lets face it, has already started) is really going to bite the whole southwest on it's collective ass. Here's a map from the above article:

The darker brown areas will be the most affected.

I am REALLY concerned about global warming, and it will be influencing my vote next year. I just hope that there's a nice MODERATE candidate who will take this under consideration.