Thursday, December 11, 2008


The semester is over!!! OK I have a couple minor things to post to Blackboard, but that will take no time at all. The big major paper is done. What a relief!

I didn't get any sleep today, which stinks because I have to work tonight, but at least I'm not in patient care - I have an all night ACLS training. That is so wonderful because I am totally non-functional at 8am nowadays :)

I work for a university, so I just got a reminder email that I haven't opted in to their emergency notification system (for letting us know if there's a shooter on campus or something - what a terrible thought!). I now have a personal email, so I signed up. Then it took me to a big screen, where I could change all sorts of things. My address, other contact info, etc. They had Tom listed as an "other" so I changed him to a spouse. Then I saw the next category. Ethnicity. There was a button that asked if I wanted to change ethnic groups. I am listed as white. It wouldn't let me delete my whiteness, but it did allow me to add another one. Nothing seemed to fit. I've traced my ancestry back to the 1600s and there's a possibility of one American Indian in the 1600s, but I think that's way too far back to count. But it would let me put white again. I left it the way it was, just plain old white ;)


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