Monday, February 27, 2006

More bad names

This time it's street names. According to
Yahoo News, Psycho Path was the worst street name in the country. Supposedly it's in Traverse City, Michigan, but I couldn't find it on Yahoomaps. Bucket of Blood Street does pull up in Holbrook, Arizona, but it's listed as SE Central Avenue.

It makes you wonder what the sources of these street names really are. Living in Texas, we saw a lot of novelty signs out in the country. Are some of these just personal signs that are taken as truth? Or are they unofficial names for a County Road 10? I can't imagine calling a street "Shades of Death Road" (and this is conveniently listed in a county, not a city, so it's harder to check. On the other hand, we had a street in Red Oak that was about 5 blocks long. On one side it was called "Tater Brown Road" and on the other side it was "Tator Brown Road". Of course, this was mere blocks from the "Boxcar Willie Memorial Bridge" over I-35E.


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